Lara & The Organics are a new band featuring some veterans of the Adelaide music scene. They play a mixture of blues, soul, funk and jazz in a dynamic, improvisational style which brings a new energy to the genres.
Lara Mutu grew up in a musical household influenced by 1950's Rock and Roll and Country before finding her calling as a Blues singer. She began gigging in 1997 with “Greasy Gravy” and “Lara and the Shakers” and built up a loyal fan-base with her energy and engagement with audiences throughout Adelaide.
Mario Marino is one of those rare drummers who combine great technical skill with great feel and is in demand with many Adelaide bands. He has been working with Sav and Jesse since 2009.
Sav Palakstoglou is a blues guitar expert who has been working in the Adelaide blues scene since 1989, playing with “The Streamliners”, “Blind Dog Taylor And The Heat” as well as his own bands and solo gigs. He manages to uniquely combine great originality with authenticity in his blues playing.
Jesse Deane-Freeman has been involved in the blues scene since 1992 in Adelaide and Cairns and has released five albums with his own bands as well as producing albums for other artists and doing session work. Though he also plays piano and guitar, for the last ten years he has concentrated on mastering the Hammond organ.
Together they provide a unique combination of energy, creativity and an ability to convey the joy of playing music to an audience.